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Frequently asked questions

How do I use PDFWatermarker?

PDFWatermarker is used by simply dragging one or more files, or even an entire folder, onto the PDFWatermarker window. You can set a text and/or image, its font, color, opacity, size, position and rotation, using the Watermarker Editor window. After the PDF document is processed, you will find a watermarked copy of the original file.

What are PDFWatermarker's Demonstration Limitations?

When in demonstration mode, PDFWatermarker will process only the first page of your documents. Demonstration mode is intended to give you an idea of how PDFWatermarker will work before you purchase it. If you're unsure, send us a copy of your PDF file and we can verify if PDFWatermarker can handle it beforehand. Please navigate to the Purchase page to purchase an activation code.

I just purchased a license - what happens now?

You will receive a receipt for your payment from our payment processor. As soon as your payment is complete (usually within a few seconds), you will also receive an email containing your Activation Code. Simply copy-and-paste your email address and Activation Code into PDFWatermarker. If you have questions, please contact

What do I do with my Activation Code?

Activation codes are used to enable all of PDFWatermarker's features. Simply select 'Enter activation code...' from the 'Tools' menu and then copy-and-paste your email address and activation code into PDFWatermarker. All features will immediately be enabled. Activation codes are long strings that look like 'MlfR7ug15bg4_f8Wqdyz/YooLqchW8-J5g'. Be sure to copy-and-paste the entire Activation Code into PDFWatermarker, including any '-' or '_' characters that may be included.

I've not received my Activation Code - what happened?

Please check your spam/bulk mail box, because sometimes our mails get erroneously filtered as spam. If you do not receive your Activation Code within one working day please contact and specify an alternate email address and/or a fax number complete with international prefix.

I've lost my Activation Code - what can I do?

Please enter the email address you used to purchase PDFWatermarker in the "Resend activation code" field. You will instantly receive your activation code there.

How can I uninstall PDFWatermarker?

On macOS: Just move the PDFWatermarker application to the Trash.

On Windows: Select the 'Add/Remove Programs' from the Control Panel, select PDFWatermarker and click uninstall.

Resend Activation Code

The email field is empty.

The activation code has been successfully sent.

Please check that the email address you entered matches the one used when purchasing the license.

We have provided you with the most common questions and answers regarding PDFWatermarker. You may have noticed something else that isn't quite right with the software, however. We'd like to hear about it so we can continue to improve PDFWatermarker for everyone.

If you have any other questions, please email If possible, please include a copy of the PDF file that you are having issues with. Please also include a 'crash report' if applicable.